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This Friday, we had an amazing day getting an opportunity to meet and test S.S.S. Shameem , Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Application, Manipal Institute of Technology (MIT). He is one of the most enthusiastic, dedicated and strong willed people I have ever met. It was very inspiring to learn about his solo cycling expedition experience from Kanyakumari to Kashmir, covering a distance of 3500 km in 23 days. Two years of training and preparing had paid off. After all, he believes that determination, dedication and direction makes the destiny.

He is an explorer, he would love to visit parts of India to explore its diversity, he calls it Bharat Bhraman.  In that bargain, he doesn’t mind spending nights on railway stations, police station and religious places.

He is equally a passionate marathoner as well. He likes to second running along with cycling expedition. He plans to achieve his most recent goal which is to run for 100 km at a stretch for a cause. He calls it the ‘bhag run’ project. He foresees himself to be in Limca book of records someday.

We feel fortunate to evaluate him to see if he is ready for 100 km run, and fit enough to accomplish it successfully.

Under the guidance of Dr. Fiddy Davis, we were responsible for his trial exercise testing. Initially, we had planned for 50 km exercise testing with constant monitoring of his physiological parameters like Heart rate and blood lactate. But due to time constraints, we had to cut down the test duration.

The entire experience of exercise testing for 3 hours with my team was quite phenomenal. He covered a distance of 27.52 km during the test. He lost about 3.9 kg of weight which is more or less normal. We had planned a dietary regimen for faster recovery that day but seems like he didn’t follow.

Test results show he is not yet ready-made for his goal. But fortunately he can be trained soon with Scientific principles and optimum training Schedules (Periodization).

A good plan is like a road map to his goal. We will equally strive to achieve this, and are working on to plan his training schedule. We have planned few additional tests to learn more about his physiological variables and his running mechanics. The results will help us make tailor made plan exclusively for him. Stay tuned for updates on new tests and training regimes.



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In each day, there are 1,440 minutes. That means we have 1,440 daily opportunities to make a positive impact. Similarly today, October 1st 2016, Saturday, we’ve got one such opportunity to harness our talent and handwork to beget positive remodeling of our society. In India, parents are mostly concerned about our grades, no matter how bad the “Fundamental Motor Skill Pattern” might be.

After finishing our RGU Go India Project, today we went Vidyodaya Pre-University College Udupi, Karnataka, India, to conduct our ice breaking Session on fundamental movements for 75-80 physical education teachers.

As we all know, teachers are the main role model for every student, they know how to bring out the best in students. Considering this as the main objective, our sports science team reached Vidyodaya Pre-University College Udupi with various ideas in mind. Read the rest of this entry »

Colors of India

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Hi everyone! I’m sorry for the delay. Due to ill-health and internet outage in my hostel, I was not able to post this article on time. So, here we go (Sorry Mario!). Every country has its own colors, and during this project I got to experience Cèilidh dancing as a shade of Scottish culture, and what’s more, somehow managed to learn a few steps of the “Gay Gordons” & “Strip the willow“. Yes, it was amazing, I loved every bit of it. In the following week, after finishing our plan by the weekend, we got a chance to see colors of South India. For the first time, I got to see tiger dance closely for a long stretch, and got an opportunity to witness all rituals closely with my RGU friends. Hailing from the northern side of India, once it was as new of an experience to me, as it was for my overseas friends. Read the rest of this entry »

Welcome To India

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Contrary to popular belief, India isn’t a land of elephants and snake-charmers, we don’t “pet” cows (who pets a cattle anyway) and no, the whole of India doesn’t share a unified cuisine (read curry). Every region of India is a self-contained yet mutually receptive cultural hub in itself. Now that the ancient stereotypes have been tossed to the wayside, and thrashed, and burned and obliterated, Here we go! (insert Mario voice) Nowadays, students from the prestigious “Robert Gordon University” Aberdeen, Scotland are here with us at Manipal University for RGU Go: INDIA project.

They are 12 students in total, hailing from different fields & backgrounds, collaborating with their Indian counterparts (us) to pragmatize Go: India project into an efficacious endeavour. Working in tandem as a team is fruitful in essence, and mind you, these guys are interested in far more than just low-hanging fruit. You can feel the proverbial fire in their eyes reignite your own. Read the rest of this entry »

Hey guys! I’m back with another article,

Finally week-end came and it’s Saturday night, and I don’t have to run for my early morning session. Okay, let me tell you my story about this early morning session. Being a post-graduate student of Exercise & Sports Science, we have a compulsory early morning sports session, so everyday I have to get off the bed at sharp 5:30 A.M and get ready for this full-fledged warm-up routine. But, as I’m lazy and my hostel is within walking distance of Marena Sports Complex, I always get up just 10-15 minutes short of schedule. My alarm timing is 5:15 A.M, 5:30, 5:35, 5:45 and 5:50 A.M. This way I start half-awake at 5:15 A.M and doze off till the next alarm, doing this over and over again until the final alarm at 5:45 A.M. Then I run like I’m trapped in Jurassic Park. Sometimes I’m the latecomer, and sometimes I stay latched to my bed because I’m all too lazy. But still, I’m in the running for holding the highest attendance for the morning session. Let me tell you how lucky we are, to have our entire Exercise & Sports Science staff play with us during the sports session, and the cherry on top of the cake is that, all this counts towards our attendance. We start our session with 15 minutes warm-up routine including jogging, side-running, calisthenic exercise, sports specific exercises, stretches etc. After that, our Dean guides us about specific sports-related skills. In this way, we start our day and sometimes the morning session extends to whole day. Presentations, assignments, practical, sports specifics skill practice occupy the daytime. After-5 practice, self-study, gym & dinner time rule the off-hours, and it’s only around 10-11 P.M that I get free time for myself, which I spend on productive work or sometimes, like what I’m doing right now, on publishing articles for my blog.

Without further ado, let’s move on to nuts and bolts of the matter.

It’s easy enough to calculate, that’s why I added my story to the article.

My Next Activity : We have to find a relationship between rise and run, so in this activity we are going to use the following formula,

i.e  Slope= Rise /Run Read the rest of this entry »

Treadmill Calibration

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Hi Everyone! I’m back, it’s been a long time, I’ve been running busy after my graduation, scrambling to find right university for my M.D, and here I’m, pursuing M.D in Exercise & Sports Science at Manipal University.

Over here, I’m Studying more about Exercise Physiology, Human Movement study, Bio-mechanics, research methodology, sports nutrition, Introduction to exercise and sports science in which I’m learning all sports games deeply, how to play, how to assess, what is right for me & wrong for me while playing, what type of shoes complement different surfaces, how various muscles act while playing specific sports and what injuries are most probable while playing. You know what, as I’m the most aggressive player of my batch, most of the time I inadvertently end up injuring my opponents & team-mates while playing football , basketball , handball etc. Read the rest of this entry »

Source: High Intensity Interval Training Burns More Calories, in Half the Time, than Traditional Cardio Exercise

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